QOSHE Management System

computerThe Spinifex QOSHE Management System is a complete Information and Risk Management package that will help your business meet and maintain its daily QOSHE and Legal Compliance. The Spinifex QOSHE Management System will help your company achieve its goals, gain stakeholder satisfaction and identify opportunities for increasing business efficiencies. 

The Spinifex QOSHE Management System gets the ‘business knowledge’ information out of the heads of the owners / operators and can add value to the disposal of a business.

The Spinifex QOSHE Management System package resides within a specially designed software program called ‘System Managers Assistant’ which holds and controls the customised Policies, Procedures, Forms, Position Descriptions, JSA’s etc whilst also providing specially designed data input pages for recording and managing any non conformance events, audit results, incident reports etc. 


  • Manage and maintain QOSHE and Legal Compliance.
  • Risk Management accountability.
  • Practical Policies, Procedures aligned with core business.
  • Manages information for customer pre-qualification
  • Increase business efficiency – reduce operating costs.
  • One database for the management of all information.
  • Easy to control internal and external documents.
  • Compliance with Australian Standards:
  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Occupational Health & Safety (AS 4801)
  • Environmental (AS 14001)
  • Risk (AS 31000)

Industry Application

The Spinifex QOSHE Management System was initially designed and structured to assist and improve the QOSHE accountability of third tier contractors who provided a wide variety of services to the Australian Oil & Gas and Mining Industries such as

  • Construction
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Equipment Suppliers including Hire
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering & General Fabrication
  • Transport & Logistics 

However the system is very versatile and we have also successfully adapted the system to other industries that includes Agriculture, Real Estate Management & Thoroughbred Racing.

What is included in the Spinifex QOSHE Management System?

A typical system would include:

1. Company Risk Assessment
2. Document Control Register
3. Organisational Chart
4. Company Policies  (Recommendations to suit your business)
5. Position Descriptions (All Key Positions)
6. Company Responsibility Matrix
7. Twelve Customised Activity Procedures (all key business areas)
8. Systems Management
9. Supply of key forms required to support the procedures
10. System Managers Assistant Software Installation
11. Automated standard reports for audits
12. One on One SMA System training with key employees

Note: During the implementation process we customise the activity procedures to suit the business & industry and we use our expertise to identify business risk and improvements and discuss with the owners/ operators.

About System Managers Assistant

The Spinifex QOSHE Management System operates on a proprietary database called ‘System’s Managers Assistant” (SMA). 

  • MS Office (Word) is all that is needed to run the database.
  • Data can be stored on either a File Server or Terminal Server.
  • Remote site access capability via Terminal Server.
  • License for up to ten users.
  • Annual updates available. 

Note: The QOSHE Management System does not include Financial Management software.

Benefits of System Managers Assistant

  • Maintains companywide QOSHE and legal compliance.
  • Dashboard indicates the daily risk factor and no. of open events.
  • Easy access to controlled internal and external documents.
  • Provides evidence of completed task and actions.
  • Companywide calendar and pop up reminder.
  • Shared information and deadlines with other users.
  • User friendly document control system.
  • Manages policies, procedures and forms.
  • Manages suggestions / improvements.
  • Monitors Assets – movements, calibrations, registrations etc.
  • Records and manages staff training and site mobilisation.
  • F1 Help Facility & Manual and 24/7 support. 

QOSHE Management System Installation Process 

Spinifex International Business Services will design, install and manage the implementation of the entire QOSHE Management System. It is recommended the QOSHE Management System design, installation and implementation process takes place over two stages: 

  • Stage 1 Design & Installation (< 3 months)
  • Stage 2 Client Implementation & If Required Third Party Audits (9 months) 

Note: During the implementation process the client will manage the system with Spinifex support as and when required.

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