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Business Mentoring It is not uncommon to see a new business or a business that has experienced rapid growth missing out on market share and increased profitability through a lack of management experience.

Modern business systems and improved communication tools have streamlined and simplified many of the daily business management tasks but for many less experienced business owners and managers making daily business decisions can still remain challenging.

We have within our Spinifex International Business Services team a number of very experienced business mentors who have knowledge, expertise and experience across a wide range of industries.

Our mentoring relationships are built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and involves both parties meeting regularly to exchange ideas, discuss progress and set goals for further development.


Primary benefits of having a business mentor within your company are:

  • Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

  • Advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses

  • Guidance on professional development and advancement

  • Increased visibility and recognition within the company

  • The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge


Significant benefits to your company when engaging a business mentor are:

  • Develop a culture of personal and professional growth

  • Share desired company behaviours and attitudes

  • Enhance leadership and coaching skills in managers

  • Improve staff morale, performance and motivation

  • Engage, retain and develop performers

Having a business mentor will also provide you with a good reliable sounding board, second opinion, or sometimes just emotional support

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