Acquisition, Merger & Disposal Services

mergersSpinifex IBS can provide a focussed ‘hands on’ service that will ensure your business acquisition, merger or disposal will take place with the minimum amount of disruption to the daily operations.

We can assist with the due diligence of the proposed business process systems including physical stock takes, personnel reviews and fixed and mobile asset audits, providing market valuations, condition reports and accurate asset lists. Confidentiality is guaranteed throughout the process.

Once the financial & commercial transactions have taken place the experienced Spinifex team can design and implement the changes required at ground level to ensure your new business continues to operate in a cost effective manner.

Spinifex IBS focuses on identifying and managing the simple things that are often overlooked when a business changes ownership, no new business owner wants to see good employees walk out the door with all the intellectual property of the business or employees just because they have become defocused, confused and have no ownership of  the changes taking place around them.

Our services include reviewing the business process and strategy, mentoring and management development and after completion of the changeover process we provide regular monitoring of the business performance. 

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Spinifex IBS has brought together an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge that streteches across many industries and sectors. Spinifex are able to help your business become more productive, profitable and run more efficiently. Contact Us for more information about our services.