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hvThe economy of Vietnam has since the mid 80’s experienced rapid growth and is now in a transition period of integrating into the global economy. Many Vietnamese business enterprises are now working towards improving the quality of their services and products.

Australia is already well represented in Vietnam with some of Australia’s leading companies beginning to make their presence felt in such major industries as Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction and Agriculture.

Many international economists are predicting that Vietnam will ‘Come of Age’ in the next ten years. They believe this will be greatly assisted by a new generation of entrepreneurial young Vietnamese men and women who are keen to help ‘grow their country’ by building business relationships with overseas companies. Many of the new generation speak good English, have been well educated overseas and are returning to their country with valuable skills and experience.


Strategic Business Relationships between Australian and Vietnamese SME’s

Spinifex International Business Services seek to identify and facilitate the building of strategic business relationships (and partnerships) between Australian and Vietnamese SME’s who share common business objectives.

As our global world becomes increasingly smaller with daily communication and technology advances it now makes even more sense for strategically partnered Australian and Vietnamese SME’s to work together sharing their resources, skills and technologies so they can compete for global supply chain business.

Vietnam’s low operating cost and strategic geographical position in South East Asia offers Australian companies an opportunity to gain access to markets that up to now have been over the horizon.

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