Vietnam is a beautiful place with its many magnificent natural features, beautiful beaches and friendly people but right now the Vietnam tourism industry is at the crossroads.

In 2014 Vietnam direct contribution to GDP was 8.6% compared to Thailand 31.6%, Indonesia 27.5% and Malaysia 18.6% and that truly reflects the mountain Vietnam has to climb to elevate its tourism industry into the top three South East Asian countries.
During the same year international economical and geopolitical situation did not play in favour of Vietnam’s tourism. There was a drop in numbers from its leading market – China and also from its fastest growing market – Russia. Whereas tourist numbers from Australia have been slowly increasing every year and are estimated to touch 350,000 in 2015.
There are some very real challenges for Vietnam tourism which compared to its major international competitors is still very much in its infancy. Many of its national, regional and local level tourism authorities do not understand their travel market needs and the realities of today’s world. This presents a unique opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced people from overseas to provide assistance.
Over the next few years’s direct flights between Perth / North West of Western Australia and Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi will bring Western Australia closer to Vietnam and open up many new business and tourism opportunities.

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